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You purchased a new appliance, now what ?

You could try installing it yourself, which could result in discovering you have done it wrong. Sometimes, when an installation could go wrong, and someone could be injured, or property may suffer damage. Additionally, appliance warranties sometimes require professional installation. Thus, installing the new appliance yourself may void the warranty.

Help is a phone call away. Thorough plumbing is here to help. We have successfully installed just about every type of appliance you can imagine in home, and we take special pride in making sure the installation is performed safely and right the first time. We also offer very reasonable rates, when you choose Thorough Plumbing for your next appliance installation job in North Texas you will not break the bank and will be done right.

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Appliance Hookup by a Professional

With any type of appliance installation, it is important the installation is performed only by a professional, thus insuring the service. Often installations are not as simple as they appear. Anyone can set up shop without the proper qualifications or workmanship history, especially those who offer a cheap, quick fix, which likely will end up costing you more money in the long run with unethical substandard work or worse, fire or injuries related to improperly installed appliances.

At Thorough Plumbing, we have the experience and are fully insured to protect your safety and your property. Our appliance installation and hookup technicians use the most up to date equipment and are trained in the latest safety measures, as well as being highly knowledgeable in the operation of most residential appliances.

Trust the Quality Residential Appliance Installation Company in North Texas

Thorough Plumbing can handle most appliance installations and make sure everything is working properly. We are adept in troubleshooting problems. Our many satisfied customers can agree that having a qualified appliance installer for their appliance installation was much more convenient, safer, and cost-effective in the short and long term than attempting it themselves.

Hooking Up an Appliance?

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