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Improving Your Bathroom with a New Tub or Shower

Your bathroom is one of the highly trafficked rooms in your home, thus it contributes significantly to the overall property value.  The value of your home is important making it extremely necessary to necessary to perform regular maintenance to make certain that number goes up.  Sometimes, during regular maintenance it is discovered your shower or tub needs to be replaced.

Whether you need to install a new shower or tub due to an expensive repair, to increase property value, or any other reason, contact Thorough Plumbing to make sure the job is done right.


Tub and Shower Replacement Signs

What are signs that it is time to replace your tub or shower?

Regrettably, bathtubs and showers sustain battle scars over time and slowly become unsightly.  However, many homeowners assume incorrectly replacing an old tub or shower will be too expensive and choose to live with their ugly tub or shower.

Getting a new tub or shower installed is not as expensive as you think; however, it is important to be knowledgeable of when your shower or tub should be replaced.

Often hidden and found late, leaking drainage and overflowing pipes can become serious problems for unsuspecting homeowners.  Water damage can be devasting, thus it is important to address it as quickly as possible to ensure the best chances for total restoration.

Sometimes, this situation can be easily resolved by a professional, such as Thorough Plumbing.  If the source of the problem is hidden deep  within the plumbing, and it is necessary to remove the tub or shower to get to the root of the problem, then it is a prime time to replace an old shower or tub.

Taking this opportunity to install a new tub or shower will provide the comfort a new unit has to offer along with corrected piping.  Result: years of comfort and peace-of-mind.

Can a shower or tub be replaced with no sign of trouble?

Of course! Aesthetics is always important.  The bathroom is known for cleanliness and a new tub or shower helps. Psychologically, a new tub or shower will make you feel cleaner, while raising the value of your home.

Exploring Tub and Shower Installation Options

It never hurts to explore options available for a new tub or shower, which may surprise you.  There is a number of cost-effective options for you to choose from.

The Thorough Plumbing expert can review with you the options available and install your new tub or shower as needed.

Do not wait any longer to have the tub or shower of your dreams. Call us today at (844)933-5874 to explore the various tub and shower options.

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