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The Colony Home Slab Leaks Can Lead to Frustration

It's irrefutable, a slab leak, in your home in The Colony, is very frustrating.  Slab leaks have the potential for water damage and undermine the stability of a foundation.

Slab leaks happen when a small hole forms in the copper lining found below the slab. It is especially important to resolve slab leaks as soon as possible to mitigate damage and keep the repairs from becoming too expensive. Thorough Plumbing has a couple of different options that may fix your problem, other than busting up your floor.

If you detect or feel you have a slab leak, in your home’s foundation in The Colony, call Thorough Plumbing at once. (844)933-5874.

The Causes of Slab Leaks – The Colony, TX

Many things can result in a slab leak including:

  • Age – The majority of slabs are lined with a thin layer of soft copper. Over time, the copper layer is prone to degrading or yielding to pressure. The continuous pressure from the house could cause the pipes under the slab to be crushed and rupture.
  • Corrosion – The copper lining is susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion happens when the copper lining is exposed to moisture and degrades. Slab pipes are found underground where there is potentially a lot of groundwater.
  • Abrasion – Abrasion happens when water pipes vibrate or rub against the slab. This action can cause the pipes to degrade and develop holes.

Signals There May Be a Slab Leak in Your The Colony Home’s Foundation

It is important to be particularly mindful of these four distinct signs of a slab leak:

  • Surprisingly, High-Water Bill – If you notice an exceptionally high-water bill well above the average, you could have a leak. This is often the result of water being lost, but not being used, through a ruptured pipe in the slab that has not yet been detected.
  • Wet Spots – If you notice a random wet spot on the carpeting, but no liquid has been spilled, then that is a strong sign. The carpet is wet because the water has pushed itself up through the carpeting and caused a wet spot. Another example is a random hot spot caused by a hot water leak.
  • Constant Sound of Running Water – If you or another person in the home is constantly hearing water running with no clear cause, then that could be the result of water running out through a hole in the pipes.
  • Heaving – If the leak is unbelievably bad, the house will rise due to the ground becoming saturated with water. Heaving can cause severe structural damage and is almost a definite sign of a slab leak.

Where are Slab Leaks Often Found? - The Colony

Most often, slab leaks can be found near the base of the slab or where the pipe enters the slab. Why? It is the point where the pipes are the most vulnerable to capitulating to pressure or time degradation.

What Should You Do? - The Colony

Contact Thorough Plumbing to have the slab leaks, in your The Colony home’s foundation, repaired before widespread and considerable damage can be done to your home.

Call for immediate help in inspecting your home for a potential slab leak.


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