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Did you know? Residential property owners connected to a municipal water system are responsible for the water service line into their home. In some cities, this starts at the meter or curb stop (valve).Whereas other cities see the owner’s responsibility starting at the tap on the city main water line. The tap is most often located in the street in front of the property.

Thorough Plumbing focuses on water pipe repair and has performed a significant number of repairs, replacements, and installations across North Texas. Thorough Plumbing can diagnose your water leak problems quickly and efficiently. Our team will recommend the best, most cost-efficient method of repair or replacement. Frequently, water pipe repairs can be performed with minimal impact on your home or landscaping.

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Problems with water pipes run the gambit. The following is some information you may find helpful:

Older Water Pipes - Older (pre 1960 +/-) water lines were originally installed using lead or galvanized steel pipe. Ground movement, tree roots, etc. are susceptible to material damage over time.

Galvanized Steel Water Pipes – Unfortunately, the galvanized coating eventually wears off and rust sets in, which can result in water leaks requiring repair or replacement.

Lead Water Pipes – Corrosion and brittleness is common in lead water pipes. As a result, pinholes and cracks can develop leading to a leak or rupture, requiring replacement.

Copper Water Pipes - Copper water pipes have proven to be the most durable. However, they are susceptible to corrosion from specific minerals found in some district water supplies or in the soil. Copper water pipes have a typical life expectancy of 75+ years.


If you need pipe repair now or you simply have questions about a possible problem, Thorough Plumbing can help. We will arrive as scheduled, and conduct a thorough inspection of your water drainpipes, identify any problems, and provide you with the best option for repair.

It is highly recommended to have all water drainpipe repairs handled by a professional, licensed plumber to repair the damage and ensure future safety. Even if we find out the problem is too severe to save the pipe, we can replace the pipe, too. We have everything required to maintain proper plumbing flow.

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