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The drainpipes, from your sinks, showers, and tubs, can become clogged or damaged.  Thorough Plumbing has the tools and experience to solve your drainpipe plumbing problems. When you call Thorough Plumbing, we will provide you with a quote before we start the job.  Our team is licensed and insured, and we will treat both you and your home with the greatest respect.  When you call, you will be greeted by our friendly office staff who will be happy to make an appointment for you.

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Drainpipe Repair Service

Burst, cracked, leaking, or even just noisy pipes can all damage your home, prevent your plumbing fixture from working correctly, while wasting your time and money.  The longer a pipe remains damaged, the more water, money, and time wasted. If you suspect your pipes are damaged or broken, get them repaired and stop wasting money.

Common Reasons for Drainpipe Damage

Drainpipe damage can be the result of different problems.  Each of these problems results in their own unique type of damage and must be addressed accordingly.  Some of the most common reasons drainpipes need repair or become damaged include:

Freezing or Rapid Temperature Fluctuation - Freezing temperatures or temperature fluctuations can force pipes to warp or buckle.

General Corrosion – Corrosion can happen for many reasons including water acidity, pipe age, or incorrect or improper installation.  Corroded, rusty drainpipes wear away until they begin to leak.

Aging – Due to natural processes, pipes wear out and break down over time, particularly if they are made of outdated materials.

Physical Damage – If the pipe has existing physical damage, water rushing through pipes can wear away until tiny breaks widen and cause leaks or ruptures.

High Water Pressure - If your home’s water pressure is too high, the pressure could place undue strain on your pipes leading to damage.

Improper Installation – Pipes installed incorrectly wear out quicker or can come undone from their fasteners and begin to leak or become damaged.

Low-Quality Material – The material pipes are constructed of makes a big different.  Older homes may still use plumbing pipes made of iron or even lead, which is more fragile and wear out faster than their contemporary counterparts.

Long Term Cracks – Stress can cause hairline fractures that accumulate inside pipes.  These fractures, or cracks, can widen, or enlarge, over time until they compromise the structural integrity of the pipe itself.

How Can Thorough Plumbing Help with Drainpipe Repair and Replacement?

If you need pipe repair now or you simply have questions about a possible problem, Thorough Plumbing can help.  We will arrive as scheduled, and conduct a thorough inspection of your drainpipes, identify any problems, and provide you with the best option for repair.

It is highly recommended to have all drainpipe repairs handled by a professional, licensed plumber to repair the damage and ensure future safety.  Even if we find out the problem is too severe to save the pipe, we can replace the pipe, too.  We have everything required to maintain proper plumbing flow.

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