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Does your Allen home contain gas appliances or a gas-powered water heater? If the answer is yes, then you have gas piping running to and through the house. When your gas line is in good working order, your appliances will run as designed and home safety will be maintained. Regrettably, the opposite is true if your gas line develops a leak. Leaks have the potential to cause a serious fire or explosion. Don’t risk it, it’s not worth it. Call the Allen gas pipe repair experts, at Thorough Plumbing for gas pipe repair services!


Gas Pipe Repair Signs - Allen

Normally, a gas-powered home, in Allen, is safe and secure, which is why it is rare to hear of serious accidents involving natural gas or propane lines. When installed, gas lines are secure because your local Allen utility company is an expert in residential safety. However, the serious nature of the subject matter means you should be aware of the signs of a gas leak, just in case.

Surprisingly, gas does not have an odor; thus, the utility company adds an ingredient making it smell like rotten eggs. The majority of people despise the smell. The smell of rotten eggs is the first sign there is a gas leak and immediate action must be taken, especially if the smell appears inside your home.

Another sign you may notice, which is not always the case, is the sound of hissing as the gas escapes from the pipe. Again, if you hear hissing and the smell of rotten eggs, you probably have a leak.

Do Not Put You and Your Family at Risk! Call for Gas Pipe Service, in Allen, ASAP! (844)933-5874.

Action Steps After a Gas Leak is Discovered in Your Allen Home

Gas pipe leaks can destroy your Allen home and injure everyone in it. With this much on the line, you must take decisive and immediate action. Immediately get everyone out of the house, without using any electrical devices. Why? The smallest spark can cause a fire or explosion, therefore even turning off the lights or using your cell phone is dangerous.

As you leave the home, it is also important to leave the door open, if possible. Leaving the door open will help vent the gas. Once safely outside, call your gas company or 911 for help. Once the leak is contained, give Thorough Plumbing a call for immediate gas pipe leak repair.

Allen Gas Pipe Repair

Gas leaks are serious business and should never be taken lightly. Call Thorough Plumbing immediately if you notice any signs of a gas leak, in your Allen home. There is no time to waste. (844)933-5874.

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