What's Inside Your Pillow Makes a Difference
Down fill

Most luxurious option on the market made of 650 fill-power, pure Hungarian down, promising no feathers, quills or allergens. Breathable, natural fill provides a cooler and more peaceful sleeping environment.

down alternative fill

A proprietary blend of hypo-allergenic combed polyester fiber designed to mimic the luxurious density and loft of naturally-sourced down. A hypo-allergenic, long-wearing and washable luxury option.

Down Products

Pillows, duvet inserts and blankets may look the same from the outside, but what's on the inside makes a difference. The Pillow Bar down products define luxury with a purpose™. For those who seek weightless warmth, down is a natural insulator and retains body heat in the harshest climates. It is essentially lighter than air and maintains luxurious loft, allowing it to instantly adjust to your body temperature and ensures maximum breathability and comfort year-round. What makes our down products so incredible? These things:

Ethically sourced, natural down

Responsible Down Standard Certified and cleaned using BlueSign® Technology without any chemicals to harm you or the earth

Know what you're sleeping on

Made with the purest white down fill so no feathers or quills to poke you in the night or cause allergies

Cooler sleeping environment

High quality, 650 fill-power, pure Hungarian down fill provides a cooler sleeping environment and maximum breathability

Aromatic sleep aid

Includes an organic French lavender sachet to aid in the natural improvement of sleep quality (removable)

Down Alternative Products

If you want the feeling of down but prefer a long-wearing and washable option, this is for you. Down Alternative is made of a proprietary blend of combed polyester fiber designed to mimic the luxurious density and loft of naturally-sourced down. It is also non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

Long-wearing and washable

While you don't need to wash your insert if you keep your protector or sheets clean, you can if you want!


Made of an allergy-free combed polyester fiber

What You Don't Want

Who wants to breathe in chemicals or allergens every night? We certainly didn't. The Pillow Bar founder Merrimac Dillon focused on finding the cleanest ingredients for her custom pillows after she saw what was in the "best" pillows. This is what we found in competitors pillows:


Smelly, crunchy, quills poke you in the night, highly allergic and sometimes there were "parts" in the fill mix (we'll spare you the details, but read: GROSS). This is NOT down.


Heavy, lumpy, plastic smell. We couldn't imagine breathing in chemicals for 8 hours every night. It's toxic!

Sleep better knowing what's inside your pillow