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At The Pillow Bar, we’re in the business of making sleep personal.

The brand was founded out of a personal necessity and a gap to be filled in the sleep industry. When on the hunt for the best pillow for her husband who had just undergone major spinal surgery, Founder Merrimac Dillon knew she needed to find the best supportive sleep comforts to aid in his recovery. She researched and read and talked to every doctor she could and no one had a recommendation for the “best” pillow.  So she took it upon herself to order tens and tens of pillows and test them all out. Nothing seemed just right. Her curiosity of ‘what makes a good pillow’ inspired her to cut open the pillows to see the truth of what lied inside – and what she found was shocking. That’s when Merrimac decided to create a new pillow, made of clean and non-toxic ingredients and give customers the transparency to sleep better knowing what’s inside their pillow. From there, The Pillow Bar was born. 

Whether you’re a side, back, or front sleeper, The Pillow Bar has a custom pillow just for you. Using in-house, patented machines manufactured from the ground up, each pillow is filled with either pure down or down alternative to each customer’s exact specifications. A customer’s height, age, and sleep position all determine the firmness and fill of each pillow they order. Plus with endless personalization options, The Pillow Bar is truly customized to each sleeper.

The Pillow Bar doesn’t stop at just pillows though. The brand is here to make sure every customer has the best night’s sleep possible from the sheets they curl up in, to the pajamas they relax in, to the pillow they lay their head on – even when they travel!

A great night’s sleep starts at The Pillow Bar.

Sleep better knowing what's inside your pillow